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Archives: June 2012

Is That Your Code? [Copyright Considerations]

Think about that last SQL statement that you wrote.  Did you originally write it?  Are you sure you wrote it?  What about the one that does that thing that you think is really clever?  Can you go through all of the code in your script folder, and identify which ones… Read more

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Posted in StrateSQL on 22 June 2012

I’m Speaking At PASS Summit 2012

With the release of the PASS Summit 2012 schedule, I’m pleased to announce that I have been selected to present two Spotlight session at this years summit.  It’s cool to be selected to be a part of the spotlight speakers, not sure who I fooled to get into this group. Read more

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Posted in StrateSQL on 21 June 2012

The Side Effect of NOLOCK

Have you ever been told that you should use NOLOCK?  I have, and its usually been with OLTP systems where the person making the recommendation wants to “improve” the performance of the data platform by reducing and removing, the locks that are held for SELECT queries.

Those that know better… Read more

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Posted in StrateSQL on 18 June 2012

Running for the #SQLPass #NomCom

Guess, what?  I’ve thrown my hat in to the elections for the Nomination Committee for PASS.  That means that I want to be elected to select the candidates from the pool of potential candidates that you will later elect to fill the open positions on the PASS Board of… Read more

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Posted in StrateSQL on 14 June 2012

Do You Know An Exceptional DBA?

Do you know a DBA that saves the day time and again?  Or one that doesn’t need to save the day because they have thought of all of the possibilities and provided a path to success regardless of the situation?  One way to reward that person would be to nominate… Read more

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Posted in StrateSQL on 6 June 2012

June 2012 – Monthly SQL Server Checklist

It’s the first Monday of the month, have you checked your servers out?  Do you know that everything with your SQL Servers is up to date and up to snuff.

The changes for the list this month has a couple changes to the SQL Server cumulative updates.  If you are… Read more

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Posted in StrateSQL on 4 June 2012