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April #Meme15 Assignment

Logo for meme15

Before the advent of the modern “Social Network”, many of us were already connected through tools that had much less immediate gratification.  We used websites, e-mails, forums, and blogs.  As social networks have grown, these older tools have only become more important, versus less important.  Many social networks get us to information that we need; where the information is still found in websites, forums, and blogs.  This month we’ll be focusing on how blogs and, more specifically, the blogs that we follow.

Before getting to the full assignment, let’s go over the details of this writing idea.  There are a few guidelines:

  • Answer the question(s) with as much or as little detail as you wish.  Try to stay true to the heart of the question, but answering where it connects to you.
  • Watch for the new assignment about 8th, or the Monday after the 8th if it falls on a weekend.
  • Post your answer on the 15th, or the Monday after the 15th if it falls on a weekend.
  • Include the #meme15 logo your post (courtesy of Matt Velic (Blog | @mvelic))
  • Comment on the assignment blog post, which seems more reliable, or trackback to it.

#Meme15 Assignment #5

As mentioned above, the fourth writing assignment for #meme15 will be on blogs that we follow.  The post should answer the following:

  • What are ten blogs that you think other SQL Server professionals should be following but might not be?

Pay attention that this isn’t the top ten blogs.  This is ten blogs that people should follow.  Think of that guy that blogs every blue moon but has amazing information.  The corporate blogger that helps people be better professionals.  Go off the beaten path and share your gems.

Other SQL Community Memes

If you aren’t already participating, there are already a few going on in the community #TSQLTuesday, #MemeMonday, and Un-SQL Friday.  Watch for those for opportunities to blog without having to come up with your own topic.  Beyond having a easy topic choice, they also provide a window for more people to see what you have to say.

In fact, #mememonday is today and the question is SQLCLR: Good? Or Evil?.

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