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March #Meme15 Assignment


Logo for meme15This month, the #meme15 post will fall on March 15th, often referred to as the Ides of March.  This date was made most famous by the death Julius Ceasar – or rather is his murder at the hands of his friend Brutus and many others.  In consideration of this theme, let’s look at Facebook.  One of the most widely used social media platforms and one where friends, peers, and clients are often part of your network of friends.

Before getting to the full assignment, let’s go over the details of this writing idea.  There are a few guidelines:

#Meme15 Assignment #3

The fourth writing assignment for #meme15 will be on Facebook.  The post should answer the following:

This week’s post is getting out a bit late, but hopefully we’ll have a few people that participate.

Other SQL Community Memes

If you aren’t already participating, there are already a few going on in the community #TSQLTuesday, #MemeMonday, and Un-SQL Friday.  Watch for those for opportunities to blog without having to come up with your own topic.  Beyond having a easy topic choice, they also provide a window for more people to see what you have to say.

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