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The #Meme15 Round-Up


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The first round of #meme15 has finished.  In total, there were eighteen people that participated.  If there were more, I missed them, just leave a comment here and I’ll update this post.  We even managed to nab a couple non-SQL people in the first go round.  Maybe next time we’ll see even more non-SQL folk.

As a refresher, #meme15 is dedicated to discussing and sharing tips and tricks for blogging and using social media.  This can be from a personal or professional standpoint.  The intent is that through these posts by myself and others will provide some insight into how to succeed in these areas.

This month’s writing assignment was:

Here we go with all of the posts, in pretty much the order I read them:

Hopefully, you’ll take some time to read through the posts that these bloggers put together.  The overall jive through them all is that they are here for the community and to help us all learn more about SQL Server.  Last thing, thanks to Matt Velic for the great logo.  I’m planning to use this for all future #meme15 posts.

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