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Get Certified… with Insurance

By StrateSQL, 2011/06/09

3571102858_54d5b5f58c_mHave you been thinking about getting certified?  Are you close on finishing your studying but aren’t quite sure if you are ready?  If so, then check the Certification Packs.  With these you can buy one exam with a second shot option, you fail and you get to retake for free.  Or buy a few exams and get a discount on your first shot on the exam.  Have your manager pick up 5 or more for the department and head in to get certified as a group.

The great thing about second shot is that you it removes a lot of stress from the taking the exam the first time.  If you aren’t sure if you are ready, you can go in and see if you are.  If not, you get a piece of paper afterwards that tells you what to study.  If you aren’t sure about the questions, go in and take it to get a good feel for how the exam is.  If you don’t pass, you get to go in again – but without that fear of the unknown.

All too often, I talk with people that are all worried before an exam.  “What if I don’t pass?” is the general consensus.  Then afterwards, they come out and say, “that was easy.”

Why Get Certified?

Now you might not see any value in getting certified.  In some cases you could be in a position where there isn’t any value in it.  But think about some of the following situations:

Certifications won’t keep your job.  They likely won’t get you a job.  They will demonstrate your interest in self improvement.  They will show you took on a challenge and completed it.

What do you think?

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