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April PASSMN Meeting Tomorrow

By StrateSQL, 2011/04/18


I mentioned the April PASSMN meeting the other day… well now that meeting is tomorrow.  Take a chance to invest some time into your career and give a listen to a meeting focusing on professional development.

You can join in person at 8300 Norman Center Drive, 9th Floor, Bloomington, MN 55437.  Or you can join through Live Meeting:

URL: Live Meeting URL

Meeting ID: GPT74S

Entry Code: pT5@?n-69

Either way, take a couple hours to hear about certifications from Joe Sack (Blog|@josephsack) and growing your career and resume from Jacquie Garberg.  Afterwards, if you are looking for more, I’ll be talking a bit about the MVP program – what it is and what it means to you.

The meeting begins at 3:15 and goes until about 5:30 PM.  Come join us.

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