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FileSystemHelper Update and Release

By StrateSQL, 2011/02/23

3096166092_da7bcf9997_mAbout a year ago, I started playing around with CLR and my desire to disable xp_cmdshell for my clients.  As a result, I had created the CodePlex project FileSystemHelper.  I blogged about it back then and had meant to get back to it with a number of updates but that never really happened. 

Along the way, Ted Krueger (Blog | @Onpnt) mentioned that he had some updates to add in as well.  Ted’s now a contributor to the project and hopefully between him and I we can keep the project a little more fresh and add in any other functionality that may be helpful.

FileSystemHelper Features

The current functions and stored procedures are:

FileSystemHelper Security

To alleviate concerns with security, this CLR project is built with that thought first and foremost.  Instead of having to enable TRUSTWORTHY and over extend permissions, the library is secured with certificate that limits the scope of access that the project can influence.

If you’ve been looking for a way to get xp_cmdshell turned off in your environment, then give this a try.  It might provide the coverage for those last bits of carry over that you haven’t been able to cover yet.

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