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SQL Server MVP Daily Paper

By StrateSQL, 2011/02/10

2484112082_cf4b78d9ab_mA while back, I started a twitter list of SQL Server MVPs.  I wasn’t really sure why, but I just thought it would be interesting.  After a couple months of putting it together, Rob Farley (Blog | @Rob_Farley) challenged me to see if I could find more than 100 current SQL Server MVPs on twitter.

Twitter List

To be honest, that required a little more than just randomly putting that list together.  As a result, I created a database and pulled in the list and a few other details.  I compared the list those listed on the MVP support page and accomplished the challenge.

In an effort to keep the database up to date, I’ve put together a PowerShell script the other day to automate retrieving the MVPs from Microsoft’s MVP support page.  The database is now back up to date and there are now 139 people that the list is following.

But now what?  What’s the point of the list if I’m not doing anything with it.  Data should not exist solely for the purpose of data.

Enter Paper.Li

You may have seen these floating around.  If not, Paper.Li provides the ability to create customizable newsletters.  The newsletters are based on a person’s twitter account, facebook pages, or twitter list.  Yeah, you guessed it – I took the twitter list from above and created a newsletter.  This newsletter is the SQL Server MVP Daily…


Now if you are thinking, "Great, for you twitterites.  I’m not on twitter, so this is pointless.”  Oh contraire – you can subscribe to receive updates to this newsletter via e-mail.

So, if you are wondering what the SQL Server MVPs on twitter are linking and talking about on a daily basis – you now have a method to stalk them a little better.  Looking at today’s, I’ve found links to the 2013 PASS Summit, the Thor movie trailer, and some posts for T-SQL Tuesday.

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