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December PASSMN Meeting Today

By StrateSQL, 2010/12/14

Getting SQL Server for

Happy holidays and seasons greetings! 

Don’t forget, PASSMN meeting is today.  As I’ve said before, we’ve teamed up with the new Minnesota PowerShell user group to put together this month’s meeting.

Date and Time:


Live Meeting


PowerShell a new command-line/scripting environment from Microsoft, that developers to administrators alike can use to automate tasks. PowerShell is a command line utility in a GUI world and that tends to frightened many. If you’re still hesitant to dive into PowerShell, you’re not alone. But rest assured a lot of the examples we will go over are easy and practical. We will start out with the PowerShell basics then dive deeper into scripting out objects and finally move into advance scripts.

Nick Weber is a IT Professional with over 14 year of experience.  That time was spent in messaging, network, SAN storage, virtualization and database administration. Currently a Senior Production DBA but still keeps his hands dirty with all IT’s dark arts.

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