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MCM Live Blog – Week December 13

By StrateSQL, 2010/12/13

Watching videos?! Su-ure!

If you’re reading this, it must be Monday morning.  Oh dear, that means I am officially starting my public studying for the Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) exam.  I’ve already failed this exam once and am not really up for failing again. To help prevent this, I figured studying through my blog and noting the things that I read, watch, listen, and play with may be helpful to others going through this as well.

I’m not going to make a dozen of these posts each week since that would become really irritating.  Instead, I plan to write the posts into a live blog.  It should be interesting since I’ve never done live blogging before.  And in most cases, live blogging is a bit more active than I am doing and not over a week but a few hours.

A second goal of this is to ask people of the community for ideas on items to read, things to play with, and content to watch.  Feel free to comment to your heart’s content.  Maybe what I look at will help you and vice versa.

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