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T-SQL Tuesday #77–My Favorite Feature

tsqltuesdayThis month is an interesting, but tough topic. The blog party is hosted by Jens Vestergaard, and his invitation is short and simple. Pick your favorite feature and write about it. This is good, because SQL Server has grown so much, I’m sure that many people will choose different things. However it’s hard for someone that works with many different features.

My Favorite Feature

I’ve been working with SQL Server since 1991. I’ve worked with all the Windows versions, and a few on OS/2. That means I’ve had the chance to manage and develop applications on:

  • SQL Server 4.2
  • SQL Server 6/6.5
  • SQL Server 7/2005
  • SQL Server 2008/R2/2012/2014/2016

I’ve seen the platform grow and expand quite a bit. I’ve spoken on a number of topics over the years, as my jobs have changed and my emphasis has wandered. Of all the features available, however, if I have to choose one, it would be…

SQL Agent.

I’m a programmer at heart. I grew up admiring the power of computers to execute code over and over again. I appreciate the ability of computers to remember things and remind me, or to handle them on their own.

SQL Agent allows that. Over the years, I’ve taken advantage of SQL Agent to perform maintenance on systems, to alert me to issues, to run a process that needed to be performed. I can even schedule one off jobs, having them delete themselves. I can’t tell you how many times someone has asked me to run something “later” on the server, often during the evening. It’s easy to schedule a job for later, have it run one time, and then let it disappear.

For example, Andy asks me to run a query tonight that gathers some data. I create a new job and step.

2016-04-07 13_50_00-Movies & TV

I set up a one time schedule.

2016-04-07 13_49_51-Settings

Certainly I can set alerts and logging, but in notifications, I can have this job disappear.

2016-04-07 13_50_12-Movies & TV

I certainly want to make sure I have results saved, but this allows me to execute code, without much effort, and in a way that doesn’t clutter up my system.

I’ve found SQL Agent to be incredibly easy to work with, and quick to build jobs running against my SQL Server. I don’t need to setup connections, like I might need to with the Windows scheduler.

If you haven’t experimented with SQL Agent’s capabilities, or you don’t use it extensively in production, you should.

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