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Out of Space

I’ve used placeholders to ensure I don’t run out of space on my machines. That’s worked well, and usually I can delete a placeholder when I have an emergency, and then clean up the drive.

However I got a low warning today when trying to do an iOS upgrade.


I’d already removed placeholders, moved all my libraries and downloads to other drives, and installed most programs in other places. However my profiles are still here and they had grown large. I couldn’t really find anything else to delete here that might clean up space.

I thought about moving profiles, but I saw this post that noted we shouldn’t move profiles. I’m a power user, but I don’t want to debug or rebuild things on this machine, and especially not now. I want it to work.

That left me with one real choice: upgrade the hardware.

I asked on Twitter what people liked in SSDs, and got a number of recommendations, but it seemed that Samsung got the most votes in my informal survey. I even got a link to Tech Bargains for drives, but a few of the links I checked went to EBay or similar discounters. I don’t think there’s necessarily anything wrong with EBay merchants, but in this case I want the drive to be new, working, warrantied, and shipped quickly.

Amazon is my go-to place for lots of stuff, partially as a Prime member, and partially because they are so easy to work with. In this case, I saw the Samsung 240GB 840 series for about $135 and decided that was a good move. I don’t expect to put much more on this C: drive, but it might grow a bit. I ordered this, and it should arrive by Friday.

I also decided since I was upgrading things, and my wife’s birthday is coming, I grabbed an SSD for her laptop along with a 4 -> 8GB memory upgrade. Hopefully that will be a nice surprise for her.

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