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Encryption in Colorado Springs – Encrypting in the Application?

Last night was my annual presentation at the Colorado Springs SQL Server User Group. I try to make sure I get down there at least once a year, and it’s been only once a year for the last few years. Far too busy, and I’m sorry for that, but I am glad I get invited to go down.

I presented The Encryption Primer, and there were a few interesting questions asked. Always good to see people debating and asking questions.

One interesting one from a developer – If I can perform encryption in the application, why would I do use something like TDE or column level encryption?

To me, I prefer to do encryption as close to the source as possible. If I can do the encryption in the application front end, I’d do it there. It reduces the chances of having the data accidentally disclosed. I don’t have to worry about having data read across the wire, or in a backup tape, or anywhere else.

However that takes time and effort. Developers are expensive, and they have to write good, solid, secure code in the application. They also have to write this encryption code in every application that accesses the database (reports, ETL, etc.).

Something like TDE is much easier to setup and use. Column level encryption, while still coding, is centralized.

It’s a balance, and one you need to consider carefully and thoroughly. It also helps to debate and discuss the decisions about what you protect, why, and what it costs.

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