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Windows 8 and Google Calendar

By Steve Jones, 2013/03/08

I use the Google calendar service extensively. I host my domain there and I’ve gotten used to the calendar. When I set up my Windows 8 desktop, I was curious if I could use the built in calendar app instead of living in a web browser.

A quick search found this link, which worked just fine for me. I added my Google account and I had my various appointments and note appear in Windows 8. Very smooth, and very nice.

I have tended to use the online calendar from Google, but it’s definitely easy to read the “Metro” interface for the calendar. I haven’t used it a lot, but I may use it more over time since it’s easier to read in full screen format than any of the browsers or Outlook items.

The downside? On a desktop, getting to the calendar isn’t as simple as I’d like. The hover in the upper left corner doesn’t always work and if I move the mouse wrong, I lose the switch capabilities.

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