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Recharging Again

By Steve Jones, 2012/12/21

I’m off again, taking a week in Steamboat Springs with my family for the Christmas holiday. We’re spending a week up there, including my oldest son who came back from Seattle to see us.

It seems like I’ve been gone a lot, with guest editorials and re-publishing old pieces in 2012. That’s good as it means I’m taking most of my vacation. At least I think so. When I look back I see:

That’s not quite all my vacation, but it’s close.

I wanted to get through all my vacation this year, and really make sure I took time away from work. It’s easy to get sucked into work, especially when you work at home and work on a flexible schedule. However I truly believe that getting away from work and spending time enjoying the rest of your life.

If you haven’t taken your vacation this year, make that a goal for next year.

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