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Interesting Culture

By Steve Jones, 2012/09/14

A post from Alex Maccaw, programmer at Stripe. He talks about some things he likes about the company, and overall I think there are good ideas in here. In fact, a number of them remind me of my time at IQDestination (my thoughts), and some remind me of things that I think the Investment Advisory Network failed to do.

I don’t agree with everything, and I think the cc to email lists, while a good tracking tool, can get people to drop into the rabbit hole and get lost. If you have good people, you trust them not to do that, but it will happen sometimes.

I really like a couple things.

1. The dream machine.

2. Paper reading

I think the first welcomes the employee into the company and gets them highly motivated and appreciative from the start. The second is a good way to build the habit of learning.

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