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Standing Desk – Flooring

My standing desk experiment has worked out well. I have gotten used to standing there and I’ve slowly found places for my coffee, water, phone, and other things that I use at my desk. I still need to work on the keyboard/mouse stand, but that’s a future project. Today I talk flooring.

When Buck Woody mentioned using a pad on the floor, I chalked some of it up to his sitting for a long time at a desk. I wondered with my three years of running if it would matter to me. In my first month or working in the basement, on the hard cement floor, I was fine. I was wearing shoes, however, since it was cold down there.

When I moved upstairs, I had an area carpet, but then wooden floors. I didn’t think much of it until I worked a couple of days in bare feet during the summer. I could feel my calves and legs aching a bit and they were tired. Even my knees were slightly sore.

I made sure I had shoes on every day, either thick soled Merrill Mocs or running shoes. That worked, but I wondered if that was the best idea. Even with shoes, I might be wearing out my body a bit.

The other day I decided to experiment, and spent $20 on an anti-fatigue mat at Home Depot. Actually $24 and change, but it wasn’t a big investment. I put it on top of the carpet for now to see.

Photo Aug 01, 8 35 29 AM

It’s an open mat, with lots of circles in it. This is the type of mat I’d stood on in restaurants while working as a cook or bartender. It’s not conducive to bare feet as it is, but my initial test was to see how it worked with shoes. As you can see, I left the tag on since I’m not sure I want to keep this.

After two days on this, it’s hard to tell if there’s a difference. I’ve got some sore legs already, so I’m not sure. I think I need to move it below a surface and try it on bare feet. If this doesn’t work, I can always use this in the shop, so there’s no great loss.

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