Printed 2017/08/16 05:57PM

The Mentoring Experiment – Cycle 2


It’s been a long time, almost a year since Andy Warren and I kicked off The Mentoring Experiment. We had a successful cycle 1, and are not in the process of looking for mentors for cycle 2. Once we get an idea of how many people are willing to be mentors, we’ll start taking applications for mentees.

If you are interested in helping out a fellow SQL Server professional, apply today.

Cycle 1 worked out well, and I know a few people expressed interests in cycle 2 late last year and earlier this year. My apologies for the delays in getting started. Both Andy and I have been busy and this was one of the projects we were working on that suffered. We hope to get things moving a little more quickly and smoothly in the future, so subscribe and watch for more announcements on the Mentoring Experiment Blog.

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