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Shutting down for a week

By Steve Jones, 2011/11/17

I try to speak and write about career things on a regular basis because I think they’re important topics for those of you working with SQL Server. Arguably they are as important as the technical stuff. One of the things I try to preach is “balance” and making sure that you remember that we work to live, not live to work.

With that in mind, I’m searching for a bit more balance in my life. This year has involved more speaking and traveling for me, and it was too much. I have been unbalanced the last 60-90 days, but I’ve had commitments to keep and I’ve made them. It’s been hard and now I need to get back in balance.

One way I’ve wanted to do that is to ensure that I take my vacation each year. I have had a few breaks this year, but not enough, and I’m trying to rectify that. I’m on vacation from Friday, Nov 18, and won’t be back at work until Mon, Nov 28. My family and I are taking a week to ski in the mountains, and I’ll be enjoying a half day at The Woodworking Show Friday before we leave.

Enjoy your own holiday, stay away from email and work if you don’t have an emergency, and remember to have a good break next week if you get time off for the Thanksgiving holiday.

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