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SQL Dream Cars

By Steve Jones, 2011/06/10

A mini debate on Twitter the other day got me thinking about cars. People that know me know I like cars. I’ve owned (or my wife has owned with me) 26 cars since I started driving. I used to write a car update, but found that there are a lot of passionate people out there about their vehicles, and too many people got upset during the debates, so I stopped.

However this is my blog, and I decided to talk about dream cars, or any vehicle that you’d like to own. I’ve got my list of the cars that I’d like to own one day, but here is a good list of five:


1929 Mercedes Gazelle – Not a real one, but a kit car. The technology for running a car from that era isn’t great, but give me this body with a modern fuel infected engine, brakes, and a good transmission.


Ferrari 308 GTS – The Magnum PI car. This one always caught my eye, and I love the targa tops (my 911 has one), so this would be one that I’d like to drive. Once again, I’d consider a kit car because it’s hard to drive this one around town on a regular basis.


VW Thing – At the same time I was first shopping for a 911, I was also looking at Things, in case I couldn’t find a 911 in my budget range. Something about these cars just seems fun to me.


CJ-7 – I had a friend in high school who got one of these. He put a 308 8 cyl engine in it and I went with him to get 33” tires. I actually helped bolt on headers, and love cruising around with the doors off and a bikini top on it in the summer. One of these days…

1965 lincoln Continental

1965 Lincoln – Not necessarily this model, but a big old boat convertible with suicide doors. That would be cool.

There are more I’d like, but these are some fun ones that I came up with today.

I’ll tag Brent Ozar (blog | @brento), Allan Hirt ( blog | @sqlha), and Aaron Bertrand (blog | @aaronbertrand) to talk about what they’d like. Hopefully a few more of you will post your own dream cars.

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