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The Voice of the DBA

Steve Jones is the editor of and visits a wide variety of data related topics in his daily editorial. Steve has spent years working as a DBA and general purpose Windows administrator, primarily working with SQL Server since it was ported from Sybase in 1990. You can follow Steve on Twitter at

Fun with SQLskills

I’m in a fun mood today, so a few silly items for you.

The last few weeks, Paul Randal (blog | @PaulRandal) of SQLskills has been doing a quiz on Twitter some days. He’s asked some rather difficult questions on Twitter, and people have had fun following along. I decided to get in on the fun today with a few questions of my own as a “pre-test” to his quiz.

Question 1: Which of these glasses does Kimberly Tripp (blog | @KimberlyLTripp) prefer?


Question 2: What is this and is how does it relate to Paul Randal?


Question 3: Will it fit?


I’m having fun today, as you can see


In case you really want the answers:

A1: none of them; they’re all empty!

A2: It’s a kilt, which is a skirt for boys from Scotland. That’s where Paul was born.

A3: I’ll let you know after this evening Winking smile

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Posted by Martin Catherall on 18 May 2011

I like the answers, although I'm not sure how you would get on in Scotland referring to a kilt as a "skirt" :)

I'm betting the answer to #3 is no - there're big cups :)

Grab yourself a sturdy SQLskills bottle opener if you get the chance - it's one of my prized possessions - has had a lot of use - and is still going strong.

Posted by Roy Ernest on 19 May 2011

The second question I would have answered it as "It is made from Sheep wool" :-)

Posted by Steve Jones on 19 May 2011

I love Scotland, though they might not like my jokes. Actually I was too busy to test last night. Might try tonight.

I got an MCM bottle opener from Kimberly, is that what you mean?

Posted by Jason Brimhall on 19 May 2011

First q - I thought it was all of them (so long as there was something in them)

Second Q was tooooooo easy.  Though sheeps bed did come to mind.

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