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My Connect Items – Won’t Fix

By Steve Jones, 2011/03/17

There’s been some work to close out items in Connect that aren’t going to be fixed. I don’t know exactly if these are items that aren’t good ideas, are dropped because of a lack of resources, or because no one wants to figure that out.

However, I had three items closed as Won’t Fix in the last couple days. None are what I’d consider critical, but they were ideas I had to make the product work smoother. I won’t resubmit them, unless I get some feedback that people find them important. Here were my items:

Remove Auto-close

Set the database default to simple

Allow User Objects to be Deprecated

The last one is the one that I think made the most sense. Not as something that’s critical, but something that might help smooth the way that people work with SQL Server, and help them build better software.

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