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A SQL Azure Customer

By Steve Jones, 2011/01/26

Not me, though I’m not necessarily against Azure in principle. I had a friend ask me for a SQL Server hosting provider the other day, saying they had built a web front end, and had a web host, but were thinking to separate out some data to a separate provider. I have no idea why, or what this was.

“Have you looked at SQL Azure?” I queried?

He responded to say he was embarrassed to say he didn’t know what Azure was. I told him that I wasn’t completely sure myself, but it offered SQL Server almost as a web service, and it might work for him.

“$9.99/mo for a 1GB database? I’m in” was what I heard a bit later. I did caution him to be careful of transactions and transfer. Test locally was my advice.

We’ll see how he likes it. I’ll follow up in a few weeks and see what he thinks.

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