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Windows Experience on W510

By Steve Jones, 2011/01/07

I toyed with the idea of using the SSD for my main drive, but I’d really like to get the VMs running quicker and in the end decided to use that as my secondary, as the location for the VHD and VDI files.

As a result, my Windows Experience Index is only 5.9, as shown below:


The reason? The disk transfer rate from my primary drive is the lowest score. If I had used the SSD, I’m sure I’d have a 6.4 score or better. I’m not 100% positive I have the best driver for video on my machine, but since I don’t game, and primarily write here, I won’t worry about it. The CPU and memory scores are pretty good.

I downloaded Geekbench as well, and ran that.

As a note, this is a Lenovo W510 that is about a year old. I upgraded to 16GB of RAM recently, but here are the specs I note:

Overall, it seems snappier. I'll get some VMs running and see how those perform.

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