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T-SQL Tuesday #13 - What the Business Says Is Not What the Business Wants

TSQL2sDay150x150It’s time to wrap up T-SQL Tuesday for the year 2010 and I was invited to host his month’s blog party by Adam Machanic (Blog | Twitter).

What’s T-SQL Tuesday?

This monthly event is the brainchild of Adam, and you can read about the inspiration in his very first T-SQL Tuesday post. Adam Machanic , a long time SQL Server MVP came up with an excellent idea of improving community involvement around blogging where bloggers around the world post their views on a same topic chosen by the host on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. If you are interested in hosting an event like this and then send a note to Adam.

What are the rules?

1. Since this is a global event, your post should go live between 2010/12/14 00:00:00.000 GMT (2nd Tuesday) and 2010/12/15 00:00:00.000 GMT. Since those of us in the US as sometimes date challenged, that’s sometime during Dec 14, 2010 using GMT time.
2. Your blog post has to link back to the hosting blog, and the link must be anchored from the logo (found above) which must also appear at the top of the post.
3. If trackbacks won’t work properly then please leave a comment below so that your post is accounted for in the roundup.

Nice Things To Do

1. Include a reference to T-SQL Tuesday in the title of your post. (The more we bloggers advertise T-SQL Tuesday, the more we bloggers get T-SQL Tuesday readers)
2. Tweet using the hash tag #TSQL2sDay to follow links and other relevant conversations.
3. consider hosting T-SQL Tuesday yourself. If you’re interested let Adam Machanic Know. If you’ve participated in two T-SQL Tuesdays previously and you don’t let your blog go stale (blog once a month for the last six months) then he’ll put you in the rotation.

The Topic

I was giving a presentation recently and someone in the audience started to ask about why I recommended against a certain technique. Without getting into it, this person kept saying that she had to implement things her way since the “business” said they needed it done that way. However a little digging showed that the business didn’t really understand the technology. They were asking for a result, and she took them literally in how she implemented a process. A classic impedance mismatch.

I think we’ve all had situations that are similar. The business, the client, the customer, is asking for something, but they don’t know how to ask those of us building the technology. Or they don’t understand the implications of asking for something like “absolutely zero data loss” to be implemented.

The official topic this month is:

What issues have you had in interacting with the business to get your job done.

Post your answer on Dec 14, 2010, based on GMT time, make sure a trackback or link appears in the comments for this blog, and I’ll look forward to reading what issues you have had to work through.

The Voice of the DBA

Steve Jones is the editor of SQLServerCentral.com and visits a wide variety of data related topics in his daily editorial. Steve has spent years working as a DBA and general purpose Windows administrator, primarily working with SQL Server since it was ported from Sybase in 1990. You can follow Steve on Twitter at twitter.com/way0utwest


Posted by Jason Brimhall on 8 December 2010

This is a touchy subject and could open up a can of worms.  Maybe we should limit entries to 5000 words on this one.  ;)

Oh, and I will get busy with my post now.

Posted by Gethyn Ellis on 8 December 2010

I agree Jason, I guess this month's post will also be a test of writing a post that doesn't upset anyone while still making your point...I have a whole bunch of example to choose from but need to get the balance right...Or there we'll end up with a bunch of rant type posts.

Posted by chris.shaw on 9 December 2010

One would think I would read the directions...  "Post your answer on Dec 14, 2010, based on GMT time"

Posted by Steve Jones on 9 December 2010

Yep, next week. I don't always see the announcements, and write/post at the last minute. I tried to give everyone time to hear about this. Pass the word.

Posted by Matt Whitfield on 13 December 2010
Posted by Rob Farley on 13 December 2010
Posted by Mark Broadbent on 13 December 2010

Can't believe you beat me Matt, I've been sat here with my finger at the ready to press that publish button.

Hi Steve, here's my contribution to T-SQL Tuesday tenbulls.co.uk/.../t-sql-tuesday-13-what-the-business-says-is-not-what-the-business-wants

Bye for now. Back to the books for me....

Posted by Roger Noble on 13 December 2010
Posted by aaron.bertrand on 13 December 2010
Posted by Jason Brimhall on 13 December 2010
Posted by Pinal Dave on 13 December 2010

Today's subject is the one of the most interesting subject. It made me go back to interesting past experience.


Posted by Alexander Kuznetsov on 13 December 2010

Here you go, Steve:


Thank you for hosting this event!

Posted by Noel McKinney on 13 December 2010

Thanks Steve, great topic, I finally had to stop writing and break out material into future blog posts!  Here's my T-SQL Tuesday post...


Posted by Nicholas Cain on 13 December 2010

There was just so much that could be written about this. Narrowing it down was probably the toughest part. Here's what I came up with <a href="www.englishtosql.com/.../a>

Posted by Nicholas Cain on 13 December 2010

There was just so much that could be written about this. Narrowing it down was probably the toughest part. Here's what I came up with


Posted by chris.shaw on 13 December 2010

Ok now that I am posting at the right time....  Here it is:


Thanks for hosting a great question Steve.

Posted by Jen McCown on 13 December 2010

Yeah, I went with the pure ranty rant style.  I still managed to keep it short, though!

T-SQL Tuesday #13–A Business Walks Into a Bar.... http://bit.ly/ihYPbI

Posted by John Sansom on 14 December 2010

A decided to take a more positive angle, hope no one minds :-)


Posted by Rob Farley on 14 December 2010

I was thinking of writing another post (one that didn't have a fart joke in it) but I didn't really like it, and will just submit the one entry (that I commented about earlier).

Posted by Bradley B on 14 December 2010

SQLBalls (Bradley Ball)

T-SQL Tuesday December 2010: Who Gave YOU the Authority to Make Changes to MY Database?


Posted by Joshua Feierman on 14 December 2010

Here's my contribution for the month:


Thanks for hosting Steve!

Posted by Bob Pusateri on 14 December 2010

Here's mine - thanks for the great topic!


Posted by mvelic on 14 December 2010

Not sure if the trackback will work, so here's the link:


Thanks again, Steve, really enjoyed the topic this month!

Posted by Jeremiah Peschka on 14 December 2010
Posted by Gethyn Ellis on 14 December 2010
Posted by mwalsh9815 on 14 December 2010
Posted by Erin Stellato on 14 December 2010

Hey Steve, here is the link for my post:


Thanks for hosting!


Posted by Kendra Little on 14 December 2010

Here's the link for my post: littlekendra.com/.../whatthebusinesssays

Fun topic! I thought about it a lot.

Posted by Andy Leonard on 14 December 2010
Posted by Audrey Hammonds on 14 December 2010

My T-SQL Tuesday post.  


Fun topic!  Thanks for hosting, Steve!  

Posted by wendyp on 14 December 2010

Really enjoying these t-sql Tuesday posts! Thanks for giving me fodder for my blog :)


Posted by Jason E Bacani on 14 December 2010

Here's my first T-SQL Tuesday contribution.  Thanks!


Posted by rhandloff on 14 December 2010
Posted by Meredith Ryan-Smith on 14 December 2010
Posted by Cade Roux on 14 December 2010
Posted by john.welch on 14 December 2010
Posted by Amit Banerjee on 14 December 2010
Posted by Amit Banerjee on 14 December 2010

Here's my take on the topic:


Posted by Allen Kinsel on 14 December 2010
Posted by grrl_geek on 14 December 2010

Steve, thanks for hosting this month!

"What Does the Business Want?": blogs.lessthandot.com/.../t-sql-tuesday-013-what-does-the-business

Posted by Robert L Davis on 14 December 2010
Posted by ThomasRushton on 14 December 2010

And mine...  I feel like I'm cheating, though, not writing about SQL Server!


Posted by Ryan Adams on 14 December 2010

Guess the trackback didn't work.  Here is mine.  www.ryanjadams.com/.../real-dba

Posted by ozamora on 14 December 2010
Posted by Stacia Misner on 14 December 2010

My post was up in time but the trackback didn't appear to "take". Here's the link: blog.datainspirations.com/.../my-right-to-left-foot-t-sql-tuesday-13

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