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My Weekend Just Got Busy

By Steve Jones, 2010/11/16

I’m traveling to New York City on Friday for SQL Saturday #59 and returning Sunday morning. As soon as I get home, I’m heading to Winter Park for a week’s vacation for the Thanksgiving holiday. We were actually supposed to leave Sat, and my wife still might. So I’m planning on getting home from the airport, having things packed, and be ready to head to the mountains.

I was expecting to give my Modern Resume presentation and a short lunchtime SQL Source Control demo. As if that weren’t busy enough, I heard from SQL Saturday #59 yesterday that they were going to take me up on a previous offer to do an early morning “SQL Wake Up” at 8, while people are registering and eating breakfast. I also was asked to do a few SQL Saturday remarks during the opening session, so I have a little prep to do.

With me being gone next week, this already is a busy week, but adding in a SQL Saturday trip means I am going to be really busy this week.

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