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SQL Server 2008 - CDC Retention

By Steve Jones, 2010/10/26

I had done a little work with CDC last year, experimenting with the way that it handles changes in your database. Someone had asked me the question about the retention period since the default of 3 days was not sufficient for their environment.

BOL lists the default retention period as three days, and this is based on a cleanup job that goes through and removes data from the tables. However you can alter that with a stored procedure: sys.sp_cdc_change_job.

There are a number of parameters for this procedure, most dealing with managing the load of the cdc jobs. You can alter the cleanup or capture jobs with this, but for the retention period, you want to change the cleanup job.

@retention is the parameter that indicates the number of minutes that change rows are going to be retained in the CDC tables. If you pass in a NULL, the old retention period is retained. You can include the number of minutes you’d like, up to 52494800 (100 years). I would recommend you choose something less.

The other thing to be aware of is that you have various intervals that are set, and also a @threshold, which determines how many rows are deleted on each scan. If you limit the cleanup to something less than continuously operating, then be aware that if @threshold is too low, it might not delete all the rows. If you are changing these values to manage the load of deletions, be sure that you are monitoring how many rows are changing as it might grow over time.

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