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SQL Saturdays are Catching On

By Steve Jones, 2010/06/23

Andy Warren (blog| Twitter) sent me a link recently to a piece written by Kalen Delaney on the recent SQL Saturday in Redmond. She gives us the reasons why she wasn’t sure they would be successful, but is pleasantly surprised by how well they are attended.
I’m not sure why there is a huge desire for these events. I think we have a lot of people in the community that just enjoy speaking and presenting. Some want exposure, some want to get an MVP award, some are looking to grow their career and and some enjoy a little bit of fame. I think most of them are like me, that they just get a deep sense of satisfaction from helping others in person.
It’s not the same as answering questions online, or presenting via LiveMeeting. Instead it’s much more rewarding to see people in person, shake their hands, and put a name to the face asking you a question.
I’ve been to 2 SQL Saturdays this year (Charlotte, Pensacola) and am slated to attend Baton Rouge #28, where I’ll give the keynote. I am likely going to the Colorado SQL Saturday #52, and am leaning towards attending Kansas City #53 and Utah (if they get announced). I’m also going to aim for Louisville and Phoenix in 2011.
These events are great, and while they’re not a substitute for full training, as Kalen noted, I do think they get you thinking, inspired, and help you to bootstrap or get moving on a particular technology.

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