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The Value of an Artist

By Steve Jones, 2010/06/15

A short while ago someone complained that some of the headlines on SSC were deceiving in terms of what they represented. A few people noted that webcasts or other headlines weren’t technical information, and they didn’t want to click through to find that out.

Made sense to me, though I do try to note things like events in the description. So in any case I went searching around for icons and images, and found an icon that I wanted to use for technical articles. I added some text and had this displayed next to some articles:


Not bad, I thought for a non-artist like myself. So I did a few more, one of which was my puzzle icon:


I did this one from scratch since Ii couldn’t find a puzzle piece. Admittedly I could have spent more time in Paint, but that was only slightly less horrifying than working on income taxes to me. I saw the icon this week on the site and thought it looked horrible. So I decided to dash a note off to the Red Gate designer. We have one (or two?) on staff, and they respond to requests sent to a specific email. I included my image, and a day later got this:


That’s why it pays to hire an artist once you have an idea of what is needed. I sent off the other icons I’d made, and while my $5 each investment in a few logos is likely lost, it did get something up on the site, and gave my artist a base from which to start.

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