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Adding Space to a Home Server

By Steve Jones, 2010/05/27

I got new drives for my Windows Home Server the other day and decided to add some space to the box. I don’t need the space so much as I’d like to be sure that I’m protected with some extra drives.

The first step, obviously, is to shut down the server and add the physical hardware. That was easy enough. Then you connect to the Home Server console and click the Server Storage link and verify that the drive is there. It will be listed as non-WHS storage.

You select it, click “Add” at the top, and a few minutes later the space is available.

I had 3.3TB on my server and added another 2TB to it. It took about 2 minutes after I installed the drive, and I was more protected. I am waiting on an RMA of another 2TB drive, and once I get that, I’ll add it in as well to give myself a little more protection and storage space.

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