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Reporting Services – Building the first report

By Steve Jones, 2010/05/26

One of my goals this year was to spend some time learning Reporting Services. Not necessarily do the 10,000 hours to become an expert, but perhaps the 100 hours or so Andy Warren mentioned in his Professional Development presentation.

I’ve done a little getting SSRS installed and running on a few machines, and decided to document a basic report with the BIDS SSRS wizard. It’s basic, but it shows the easiest way to build a basic report.

First start up BIDS and create a new project.


The wizard starts with an opening screen, which is a waste. So be sure you check the “Don’t show this page again” box.


The first thing you get is a data source box, which is needed for any report.


I also checked the “Shared data source” box so that this source can be shared on other reports.


You have to enter credentials, and I picked a new login/user that I set up with minimal SELECT rights to a couple databases.


Next is the query


I picked the Query Builder, though you can just enter the query. The first screen shows the basic designer.


If you right click in the top pane, you can select the “Add table”


and you’ll get a list of tables.


You can double click a table to add it, or select it and click “Add”. Click close when you are done.


You get your table(s) in the top pane, and as you select columns, they get added in the bottom pane as part of the query. If you close the Query Builder, you see your query back in the wizard.


The next step in the wizard is to pick a type of report; I left mine as a tabular report.


The next screen shows some grouping option. For basic reports, you add things to the details. If you want to group up by data that is repeated, like by Customer, add those in other boxes.


Choose a style.


And then pick a report name. 


I checked Preview Report,


and then I’d see the report in BIDS. 


Next, need to deploy this to the Report Server and make it work.

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