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Image Testing

By Steve Jones, 2010/05/24

One of the things I heard recently from someone was that they clicked some of the links in the newsletter and the front page, expecting to read some information, and got sent to an event instead. That was annoying, and I can understand that. I do try to put in good descriptions, but perhaps that’s not always clear.slash_billg

  So I decided to experiment with some images. I remember Slashdot using some images for articles, and I always liked that. Didn’t use them a lot myself, but they were funny at times, especially the Bill Gates one. That one with the Borg was always humorous to me.

So I searched around after a few failed attempts to build my own icons, and for a few dollars, I grabbed some icons and added some text.

I built this one for technical articles:


and this one for events


I also have a couple that I’m working on for webinars and perhaps other things as well. We already have the Raw Materials comic icon:


Let me know if you think this is helpful, and if I should mark other article types, perhaps by subject, or even with a globe or arrow to denote articles not on SQLServerCentral.

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