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Will People Use This?

The cost of making a trip differently in the US, in terms of time, effort, and driving habits, is small. For any individual trip, I’m not sure how many people will change their habits. My wife doesn’t, and the Prius is great because she just drives and gets 40+mpg. I pay more attention and can usually get over 50MPG.


So will people use the new technology from Ford that shows a more economical route? I don’t know. I think if there’s very little personal cost in terms of time or hassle, they will. If it’s annoying, has more traffic, takes more time, etc., they won’t.

Still, it’s a step in the right direction.

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Posted by Jason Brimhall on 18 May 2010

Is it more economical just by MPG rating, or would it be less gas overall to use the different route?  I think many people may use the feature if it costs less overall and includes less frustration - but then again we are creatures of habit.

Posted by Luke L on 19 May 2010

In the example it's a difference between 16 minutes and 28 minutes... That's a pretty huge difference in terms of time.  I'd be interested to see what the actual determination was that it was more economical.  Am I saving a 10th of a gallon of gas for more like a full gallon?  'Cause 12 minutes is a pretty expensive investment if you look at what I bill on an hourly rate.  The extra gallon around these parts is still a bit less than $3.  Is 12 minutes worth more or less than $3 to you?  And if you're only saving a fraction of a gallon then it almost becomes a no-brainer to take the fastest route.  When I used to live in a city I'd pay 75 cents each way on a toll road to cut 15 minutes off of my commute each and every day.  That $1.50/day equaled 30 minutes more sleep/time with family/friends.  An investment I was sure to make.

Posted by Steve Jones on 19 May 2010

I think most people would see it as a pain, going out of their way. I know that I sometimes make the investment in a toll to avoid traffic or have less hassles, even when it's a slightly longer drive.

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