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Backup Compression in SQL Server 2008 – The Complete Presentation

By Steve Jones, 2010/04/28

From the PASS 2010 Summit Survey: 29% of people want a presentation on backup compression. OK, here it is.

Turn it on:


Turn it off:


That’s it. If you want to script it, go here.

I saw Brent Ozar’s (blog, twitter) interpretation of the PASS Summit Survey and he had a great comment on more people asking for Backup Compression than Filestream, TDE, or Spatial. He noted: “ If I was the product manager for those last three features, I’d be dunking my head in the toilet right now, because that’s just depressing.”

I’m not sure I’d feel that way. Maybe I’d feel more like banging my own head against the wall, or perhaps wandering over to the marketing section of the Microsoft campus and banging someone else’s head against a wall. Or two.

I’m being a little silly. There could be more of a presentation on backup compression. Someone could do a “shoot out” of all the products offering compression. Someone could present some data (quickly, like in 10-15 minutes) on how compression changes the resource usage on some of their real databases. Someone could go into details on effects of different data types and the level of compression reached (10 minutes), and how it works with TDE (5 minutes).

There, we’re up to 25 minutes. Maybe 27 with a slow demo.

Or maybe, someone could compress that into 15 minutes of a talk that includes data compression, and show some real world examples of how compression impacted things, and how you might change designs to use it better.

Seriously, if you are asking for a presentation on how backup compression works, you’re in one of two situations. Either you are smart enough to delve into details and maybe you should go work for Microsoft (or Red Gate or Quest), or you need to just crack open BOL. Look, I’ll give you a bookmark.

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