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Beware, events falling from the sky

By Steve Jones, 2010/04/26

Are SQL Saturdays falling from the sky? (from Jen McCown, @midnightDBA)
I think so. This past weekend had three events, #39 in NYC, #41 in Atlanta, and #44 in Huntington Beach, CA. That’s unusual, but this weekend we have #36 in Wheeling, WV and #38 in Jacksonville next weekend, then two more in May (#35 Dallas and #27 Portland). That’s 7 events in 30 days, which is amazing. Extrapolate that for the year and you would be looking at 84 events in a year!
That. Is. Amazing.
When Andy (blog | Twitter) and I talked about this three years ago, we were thinking that getting 12 events would be great, and we hoped we could get to the point where we might do 50 in a year.
It looks like that could happen, and I’m hoping PASS continues to push for it. There are, as of now, 23 events scheduled for 2010, and a few more in the works (Denver and Nashville that I know of).
I think it’s cool, and I’m glad to be a part of them. I have plans to hit two more this year, Pensacola and Baton Rouge, and might do another if I can.

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