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Sad Sack – Hardware Failures all over

By Steve Jones, 2010/04/20

I feel like I have some bad digital karma lately. In the past week I’ve had these downed systems:

To be fair the Windows Home Server died just before we went to the UK and I hadn’t had time to mess with it. But it seems that almost everything I touch lately is dying.

Sometimes that’s how it goes with hardware.

It’s a little better now. Both laptops are working, and the Home Server is back online. The iPod is working, though it’s still at OS 2.1.2 instead of 3.1.3, which was my hope. Oh well, I think a Genius Bar call is in order next week.

windows-home-server The Home server consumed a few hours as I tried to diagnose which drive was down. I pulled them all out, dropped them in my external SAT harness and the 1TB was readable. That was cool, and I copied off my data. However the 2TBs weren’t.

I tried both laptops, x64 and x86, and neither of them would read the drive. I mucked around a bit before giving up and just putting them back in one at a time to see which one was working.

The iPod was more annoying. I tried the upgrade and it bricked. It wouldn’t restore on that machine, so I used a second machine to restore it as a new iPod, then tried the upgrade again. Same result. It’s unbricked, and synced again, but not upgraded, and that annoys me. I’ll call Apple next week.


The laptops are more interesting. I was trying to clone a drive and get an SSD into one of them, so I was moving around drives between laptops. I managed to get in a state where neither of them would boot, but I put everything back and managed to get them working.

I also got the SSD installed, with a post coming up on that experience.

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