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SQL Server 2008 R2

By Steve Jones, 2010/04/16

The RTM date is out for SQL Server 2008 R2. At the UK Tech Days it was released as May 21 of this year, so my guess it’s pretty much done and there’s a little fit and finish work to be completed.

I’m surprised that they can announce that date now. Wouldn’t it be done when it’s done? I’d think that you wouldn’t know what was done, what bugs were in, and when it’s completed until a week or so before. Aren’t final checks and tests needed? If something’s found, then wouldn’t, or shouldn’t that delay things?

I’m not sure why we make a big deal of getting this done. If it RTM’d today, we could still have launch events over the next few months. It isn’t like anyone is really going to stand in line at a store to buy it and deploy it today.

RTM it when it’s done, throw a party for the development/test groups, and then let us get it when we can. We’ll appreciate that more.

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