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HTC Pro Trade-In

I saw a note that T-Mobile is accepting trade-ins of an iPhone for credit towards a new HTC HD2. That’s interesting, and almost tempting. Not that I don’t like my iPhone, but I’ve been tempted to look on eBay for a 16GB one as I’m running low on space. Plus I’d like to have a GPS on mine. That’s one thing I miss from my G1.

I read a review on the HTC today, and it said that it was like an iPhone, but had better hardware in the device. The only thing lacking was apps.

Like that’s not a big deal. The apps make the phone. That’s the power of the iPhone/iPad package. All those apps, the silly one the useful ones, the quick reference ones, those are all the things that make the iPhone powerful. I listen to music, read books, check mail, and just handle a bunch of little things.

I do wish I had multi-tasking, and I’ve been slightly scared to add Backgrounder to my jailbroken iPhone, but I might do that soon. It would be nice to keep a few things going at a time. Not often, but there are times that it’s slow to switch between things. If nothign else, I might like to keep the Kindle app running all the time.

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Posted by Melton on 6 April 2010

I've contemplated the iPhone but think I've decided on a iTouch instead.  Not really interested in paying the $30 overhead every month with AT&T (right now) to get Internet access.  Although that would be convenient to having to look for a WiFi hot spot.  However I work with an employer that does not allow phones within the building so most of my day I would not even have the phone with me.

I am wondering what the 4.0 phone will be like, since they say it is supposed to have multi-tasking on it.  I think I red they are going to push it for business use.  I wonder if they will have this on the iTouch models as well...

Posted by Steve Jones on 6 April 2010

I have mine on T-mobile because it's cheaper for data, and ATT signals aren't great where I live. You can find them on Ebay for a reasonable $200-300, which is a good unlocked smartphone price.

I had a G1, and I thought it was great. Android is slick in some ways. However the lack of apps, and the hassles of managing music on it, moved me to the iPhone. That was a year ago, and I'm sure the Android apps are growing. However for me, the apps make the phone. They make it easier for me to accomplish things.

I can multi-task now if I add Backgrounder to my jailbroken phone. Just been nervous about doing it.

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