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Goals for 2010 – Q1 Review

Here were the goals I posted for 2010 on the last day of December:

  • Continue managing the forums, but at a reduced, 300 post a month level.
  • Blog 5 times a week, M-F, on at least 2 SQL Server technical topics a week.
  • Learn Reporting Services – at something better than an average level. Maybe not an expert, but work towards being able to use it and answer > 50% of the questions I see.
  • Attend one SQL Saturday – At least, though I think I’m slated to hit 2 in 2010 at least.
  • Write a book – I’ve had three topics in mind for awhile, but I haven’t moved forward well on this. I need to finish one in 2010.
  • Build 2 new presentations. I’ve given one of two presentations pretty regularly over the last few years, but I need to expand, and find some other things to talk about. Not that these aren’t still relevant and good presentations, but I need to try some new ones.
  • Take all my vacation in 2010 – I’ve been bad about this in the past, carrying some over, selling some back. With some good guest writers, there’s no reason for me not to get away from work more.
  • Travel to one new city for work – Likely this will be Vegas, but I ought to spread my time around the community.

    It’s been a quarter, and while I have a reminder to check these every month, I wanted to do a blog review after each quarter, noting how I’m doing on each of these. I’ll repeat them below with my comments:

    1. Forums – I’m still posting, and trying to get a few items on ASK SSC as well, though I’m a little below my goal of 300. With a lot of travel, and some vacation packed into the first quarter, I’m only doing about
    2. Blogging – I think I’ve done a great job here. While I’m not positive that I have 2 technical posts every week, I have tried to focus on writing a couple of T-SQL technical nuggets each week.
    3. Learn Reporting Services –  I have installed a new VM for this and it’s up, but I haven’t done much else. I have tried to read the SSRS articles we’ve gotten more closely, but I haven’t cracked my SSRS 2008 book.
    4. Attend one SQL Saturday –   Made it to #33 in Charlotte, also committed to Pensacola and Baton Rouge. I may try to get back to Orlando as well.
    5. Write a book – I actually had good intentions here, but progress hasn’t been great. I did an outline of one book my boss had asked for, which is a good start there. I also tracked down the history of SSC and started working on those chapters. I had about 6 or 7 in rough draft, and managed to devote a few days to cleaning up one of those chapters. Still a long way to go.
    6. Build 2 new presentations – I did one, a SQL Server for non-technical people at the Rocky Mountain Tech Fest, but I need to do another one, one I’ve actually committed to Pensacola. So that will occupy a good slice of April.
    7. Take all my vacation in 2010 – I have taken more to date, but my one day a week to ski hasn’t worked out great. I am planning on scheduling out more vacation this spring and summer, and have scheduled time off for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
    8. Travel to one new city for work – Duplicated with #4, I went to Charlotte, where I had never been before. Not sure if I’ll make another new one this year.

    Overall I’m doing OK, but these goals are a bit of a stretch for me and I’m feeling it as I try to work on them. A busy family life this year hasn’t helped, but I think I’ll get through most of them in 2010.

    The Voice of the DBA

    Steve Jones is the editor of SQLServerCentral.com and visits a wide variety of data related topics in his daily editorial. Steve has spent years working as a DBA and general purpose Windows administrator, primarily working with SQL Server since it was ported from Sybase in 1990. You can follow Steve on Twitter at twitter.com/way0utwest


    Posted by Dukagjin Maloku on 2 April 2010

    Really good job Steve!

    Hehehe in this year you miss MVP Summit, it is bad for you, but you have the reason for that.

    Interesting is your challenge writing book that you are planing to finish during 2010. - It seems very nice goal.

    etc etc ...!

    What to say, I wish you too much success during this year, and I know that we will see you, blogging about your goals again (achievements, failures or abstinence)!  

    Posted by Steve Jones on 2 April 2010

    Thanks, I'm actually going to spend some time today trying to get going on a couple of these goals.

    Posted by Seth Phelabaum on 2 April 2010

    Another reminder that I'm slacking on my own Q1 reviews post.

    Posted by Steve Jones on 2 April 2010

    No day like today to review goals. Even if you don't publish or you're lacking.

    Posted by Jason Brimhall on 2 April 2010

    Nice review Steve.  Reviewing goals quarterly seems about an even keel for me.  Not too often, not too infrequent.  Keeps the goals fresh and helps drive focus.

    Good Luck with the book.

    Too bad on goal #8 - I was so hopeful. ;)

    Posted by Steve Jones on 3 April 2010

    I still could come to Vegas. Might come to Connections and possibly come to the UG.

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