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Bruce Schneier – Geek of the Week

By Steve Jones, 2010/02/25

I used to subscribe to Bruce’s monthly Cryp-o-gram and enjoyed it. He’s moved to a blog format, and I think that the content suffers a bit as he pushes things out quicker, but he’s still a great read.

This week at Simple-Talk, he was the geek of the week for an interview. It’s a good read. I especially like his view on identity theft. Don’t keep trying to prevent people from stealing it, since that’s hard. Instead make it harder to use.

I’m up for that. Prevent credit cards without applying in person, say at a bank, make it more of an effort to use the data and it becomes less worth it to steal info.

I do like the idea of two factor auth for my bank. That would make sense for most people, especially if you keep a decent balance.

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