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Database Weekly Week

By Steve Jones, 2010/02/23

I used to build the Database Weekly newsletter and write the editorial every week. It was a chore, and it’s a grind. I have to go through hundreds of blog entries and news feeds, pick up the 40 or 50 ones that I think DBAs are interested in, and load them into our publishing system. They appear on the Database Weekly site as well.

It’s a grind, and last year I was able to convince my boss that it would be good for others to understand the process, and practice as well. As a result there are 4 or 5 of us that take turns building the newsletter. However it’s not even and I end up doing every other one, or close to it.

So it’s my week again this week. I skipped last week, and was glad, but this week I’m dreading it. It feels like a grind, especially with a bunch of other stuff to do this week. Just thinking about what the RSS reader looks makes me want to just skip it and claim no news this week!

It’s not always like that. I learn a lot from going through things, keep in touch with the pulse of what others are blogging about, and I find interesting things to write about. It’s actually a good exercise, and many weeks I look forward to seeing what it brings.

Just not this week.

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