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I Feel Like a Heel

It’s now 3 events that I’ve canceled in the last 6 months, and a 4 or 5 more that I’ve declined an invitation to, despite having a desire to go. I got a note this morning, reminding me of a presentation tomorrow more, a remote webinar, that is supposed to start at 9am EST.

The problem is that time is 7am MST, which is when I’m sitting at the bus stop with my son, trying to get him to school. Even allowing for a delay, I then have to get my daughter up, and to school by 8, which isn’ t likely to happen if I’m on a presentation. I could get her to the bus at 7:20, but then I’d be starting at 7:30, and that delay kills the schedule for the webinars. Fortunately Brian Knight will step in and do his best. I’m cleaning the deck (it’s built for 75 minutes), and adding some notes now for him.

Most of my cancellations are due to my wife needing to work. Both of us are busy, and successful, and we have some collisions. In this case she’s out of town for the next few days, called out on an emergency, and so I’m stuck. Her job is a little more important than mine, at least to our household, and so I get the short end of the stick for now.

I missed SQL Connections last year and the MVP Summit last week. I’ve also declined a few SQL Saturday’s (Boston, Dallas, Richmond), as well as the Indy Tech Fest because of other commitments. Hopefully I’ll still make Charlotte, Pensacola, and Baton Rouge!

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Posted by Jason Brimhall on 22 February 2010

Unfortunate.  I wouldn't say you get the short end of the stick though.  Not an ideal situation with commitments, but at least you get to do those kinds of things for your kids, work from home, and are in High demand to do these other speaking engagements.

Posted by Glenn Berry on 22 February 2010

It's too bad that you had toiss the MVP Summit, but family commitments have to come first.

Posted by Steve Jones on 22 February 2010

I can't complain about life. It's good around here. I feel bad about not being able to meet the commitments when something comes up. It's why you see me commit relatively infrequently.

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