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Feedback from Connect : Allow Snapshot Backups

By Steve Jones, 2010/02/19

I posted a note to allow snapshots to be backed up in SQL Server. The inability to do so, and the lack of a transition of a snapshot in a DR scenario means they have limited usefulness in my mind. So I added a suggestion to Connect: Allow backup/restore Snapshot databases

It’s gotten a few votes (2) over the last few weeks, and recently I got a notification that MS had responded. Kevin Farlee gave two scenarios, both of which I find interesting. The first, to allow snapshots to be backed up as snapshots with the source database, is interesting, but ultimately I think it might be too confusing for users. It’s what I’d prefer in terms of disk space, though I’d hope I could back up a single snapshot and not all 6 of them I have on a server.

The second is that snapshot backups would be regular database backups. So they’d be the size of the original database at the time the snapshot was made. I think that’s reasonable and it’s logical, and it means the backup works like every other backup.

We’ll see if it gets implemented, but it’s definitely one that I would like to see in future versions.

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