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By Steve Jones, 2010/02/18

Warning: Rant coming

Every once in awhile I get a note from someone, usually a somewhat nasty one, that complaints about registration for SQLServerCentral. I saw a note on Twitter recently where some jackass said that he registered on the site for something that wasn’t our content and then needed to shower.

Ha ha, funny guy. Registering on a site that might mail you requires showering? This from a programmer that knows of our site, in the business?

I say jackass, but I’d really love to use a few four letter words instead. It’s insulting, and it really tourques me sometimes. I know that there are sites that abuse your email, and that lots of people want the hippie mentality of “everything’s free on the Internet”, and it shouldn’t bother me.

But it does.

I’ve worked hard, as have my co-founders, to steer a straight moral compass in running our business. Even now when I don’t have control of things, I argue, and usually successfully for doing business in a way that fits my code. Treat others as you’d like to be treated.

Having someone insult the site really bugs me. That’s the guy that likely would complain when I closed the site because I couldn’t afford it. Or would start his own site and then quit because it’s not worth it to him. Why wouldn’t it be worth it?

Because he wouldn’t be getting paid.

Unlike his day job, in which he would expect to get paid, he likely thinks that everyone ought to just put stuff on the Internet for free. It doesn’t work, and isn’t something that is likely sustainable.

I appreciate that Blogger hosts my blog, and that there are free things out there on the Internet, but I also don’t quite understand how it works. Sure hosting a blog is fairly low cost, but hosting 10,000 isn’t. I’m assuming somehow Google sees this as a loss leader, but I don’t see an association there. The fact that it works leads me to believe that Google is making too much money and doesn’t know what to do with it.

Rant over, apologies for interrupting the blog.

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