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Goals for 2010

By Steve Jones, 2009/12/31

Last year I wrote about my goals for 2009. Yesterday I looked over them and evaluated my performance. I think it was pretty good, not not perfect. However setting goals that you easily reach every year is probably not the best way to do things. I feel like I’m cheating if it’s easy.

However I’m not so goal driven anymore, certainly not anything like Mark Cuban. In fact, I haven’t often set goals, and don’t often look at them at work since I like my life, and I enjoy it. I’ve accomplished a lot, more than I ever thought I would and don’t really feel the need to do a lot more.

That’s not great for a person, and I’ve seen many people get a little lost in the world without a purpose. I don’t want to get that way, so looking on to 2010, I reluctantly set these goals.

That’s a good list, perhaps not everything I want to get done, but this ought to keep me fairly busy at work this year.

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