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We’re Like the Zoo

By Steve Jones, 2009/12/24

Actually we’re not quite like the Denver Zoo, which is open every day of the year. The zoo in Virginia where I grew up closed on Christmas, which is kind of like SQLServerCentral. Some years I’ve sent out a Christmas newsletter, just saying Merry Christmas and wishing everyone a happy holiday, but I’m not doing that this year. It’s good to take a break around the holidays, and in addition to letting the servers slow down, I’ll also be skipping the Christmas newsletter. Probably the only one this year.

I’m not closing down, however, as I’ve got things to do over the holidays, newsletters to get out, and writing to get done. My wife has almost the two weeks off around Christmas with vacation she needs to take and her clients closing down. She’s ready to ski and was thinking I’d be off as well. I’m not, though I’ll likely slip away for some days to enjoy the white stuff up in the CO mountains.

So while I’m trying to get ahead for the new year, when I do have some vacation, I hope everyone has a great Christmas, or whatever holiday you celebrate, and enjoy the time away from work.

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