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Netbook – Finding a GB

By Steve Jones, 2009/12/16

I turned on my netbook for the first time in a few weeks recently. My laptop had died, and I wanted to get some work done upstairs. Plus with my files now on only one machine, I wanted to get things sync’d up on the netbook so I’d have two copies. Things sync’d up and I got some work done.

However the next day when I turned it back on, I had the “disk space low” message on it. With 500GB-1TB drives coming in many machines, I haven’t seen this message in a long time. I checked and sure enough my 16GB SSD had 127MB free. Yikes!

I immediately started looking for things to delete. I suspected that my Live Mesh folders were the culprit since I hadn’t installed anything on the machine. After cleaning out temporary internet files I then found about 800MB of blog entries, mostly due to image and video files, that were eating up space. I removed those, thinking I could pull that stuff back down in a backup from Google if I needed it.

With 1.5GB free, things were running better, but not great. 16GB works for the netbook alone, but I think I might need to carry around a little more space over time in a USB drive just in case.

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