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The Car Update – Prius Sales

By Steve Jones, 2009/11/23

I haven’t done a car update in some time, and I’d like to get back to them. Surprisingly quite a few of them provoke some amazing reactions from people. Especially when I talk about my Prius.

I don’t think the Prius is for everyone, but it is a great car in a certain band of usage. I’d like to say narrow band, but I’m not so sure. It works well for my family and I think it was a fantastic investment for us. This week I took my son snowboarding one day for his birthday and we drove 100 miles to the resort, with an elevation change of probably 3,000 ft or so. We filled up the tank before we left, and reset the counters for mileage. We got back with quite a bit of gas left, and a 48mpg average. That’s pretty good in the mountains, and while I’d like to be above 50mpg, I can’t complain. Not many cars would get 48, and our pickup truck would probably be averaging 12mpg.

It seems that lots of other people like the Prius as well and Toyota is predicting it will be the top selling car in a decade. I could see that coming true as more and more people replace their cars and look to get more fuel efficient. Not because they want to be green, but because they want to save money and fuel costs are one way to do that. I do think that Toyota would need to offer other models of the Prius, perhaps even an SUV or wagon, as speculated. I think they’d even do well to have a Scion or Lexus that is “powered by Prius” to capitalize on the name and badging.

A friend asked me earlier this year if I thought a Prius was a good idea. We talked over his usage and driving and came to the conclusion it wasn’t a good move for him. I’ll probably republish that as part of an editorial here soon with the holidays in December.

I don’t know why so many people dislike the Prius. It’s a good car, and good technology, and if it fits you, then it’s worth using. If not, then find the car that better fits your life.

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