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I’m Missing Data

One of the things that I thought about doing after the 2008 PASS Summit was to bring someone along with me as a photographer/videographer that would take lots of pictures and video of the event. I thought about bringing my wife, but that didn’t work out and I dropped the ball on that task.

And I regret it.

Coming back, going through some of the images and video I did get made me realize how much I missed. I rarely stopped to take video, I’d forgotten my tripod support, I got distracted, and ended up not getting much in the way of media from the event.

Pat Wright walked around with his camera and got a lot of great shots, but he wasn’t always near me, and I realized that I missed a lot of shots.

So another goal for 2010. I need to carry a video camera and real camera (DSLR or other fast response camera) to events and make sure that I get some footage. I want to get some responses and impressions from people, more shots of the setup, the signs, and people milling around.

And some “manamana” quotes from people as well. I’d like a little Muppet video to come out of 2010.

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Posted by jcrawf02 on 20 November 2009

Probably not what you really meant, but group collage of PASS Summit photos on flickr? Similar to the wedding planner idea of passing out disposable cameras to the attendees, but I'd bet everyone has a camera phone or digital camera already, so not worth buying the cameras and passing out.

Posted by Steve Jones on 20 November 2009

There is a good set of pictures on Flickr, but there aren't a lot of the people I'd like to get, especially SSC members.

It's better this year. Way more pictures than last year, but still not what I want. I still think I need to bring a  video/image person to document things for me.

Posted by pwright7776 on 15 December 2009

I'm late in catching up on Blog posts.   :)  

Just wanted to mention this is a Great idea Steve to really document the perspective.  It would be nice to profile a few people and then get there full perspective from start to finish of the summit. I also wish I did a little more video while at the summit. I carry a flip video with me but didn't use it and really should have.  Hopefully by next year I'll have an Upgraded DSLR that will do video then I can just as easily take video that way.  Happy to help out with this let me know if you need assistance.  :)


Posted by Steve Jones on 15 December 2009

I'll definitely keep you in mind for next year and thanks for the all the party photos. I may see if I can get my wife up there next year as well, just to take photos. Or just bring a photo/video person along.

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