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Workflow is important

By Steve Jones, 2009/11/17

I have a pretty good administrative system here at SQLServerCentral for managing the site. The upgrades we made in 2007 really simplified some of the back end work, and while there are bugs and issues, it has made it easy for people to submit articles, scripts, and questions online. I typically have a queue of work that I dig through on a regular basis to edit articles, schedule things, etc.

However a number of people continue to send me articles through email. That's OK, and it's actually easier for me to edit things that way than with our online editor.

However that leaves me with two different workflows for articles, and no good way to sync them up. Especially as I don't have meta data that allows me to determine where an article came from. Without that, I can't easily feedback changes to someone. If I enter all articles in the system myself, then I struggle to effectively communicate with authors, who might be expecting emails or system messages on their content.

I'm behind again editing things, mostly from offline submissions. I was well caught up before the PASS Summit with my online submissions, but I'd dropped the ball on email submissions and have a few that are a month old.

So this week is article catch up week, to the detriment of other work.

Except writing, of course. I can't forget about that.

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